L.T. Garvin
5 min readMar 29

A Bit of Past History on the Undead

Dena Kay liked to take me to the movies when she didn’t have anyone else to ask along. I liked going, as of course, I would like to go just about anywhere. After all, it wasn’t a whole lotta fun, and also rather tricky, having to play dodgeball by oneself. Dena Kay just loved scary movies. She liked to watch me squirm and sometimes scream, so she took me to see Count Yorga Vampire at the local movie place. That movie made a mark on my existence, to say the least. Yep, there is always that one movie that reaches out to me now, well beyond the years, and the more horrific the scenes….the better.

At this time in my life, way before the Twilight Saga, I discovered just how dangerous and deceitful these vampire creatures could be. Here I had been walking around for nearly ten years, and I did not have clue that all of mankind was in vast danger. If only I had known, I might have been less concerned with rattlesnakes. They both had fangs, but the undead presented all new problems. Had I known, I would have taken precautions at night and gathered up some crosses and garlic, and never ever would have raised my window. I would have been especially careful about covering up my neck at dark and about sleeping completely under the covers. Because after all, nobody would want to look up and see one of those creatures staring back at you from the closet door behind your sister’s old pink prom dress.

Count Yorga was crafty. By this, I mean his house was way out in the boonies and all that just so that he could go around relatively unnoticed. In the Count’s massive dining room, he had a nice big dinner table set for guests, but of course, he had more plans in store for them. The Count liked the main character’s girlfriend, Erica. You know, of course, it was because she looked like his long, lost love. After dinner, the unsuspecting guests’ van had to get stuck out there in a heavily wooded area. It’s like those movie scenes where the girl just has to go down into the basement although all the electricity is off and the Portal of Hell is exploding down there. Plus I doubt that unsuspecting girl in the movie knows a thing about electrical wiring and couldn’t fix anything if she wanted to. But anyway, after dinner was over, the guests had to spend the night out there stranded in the woods not far from Count Yorga’s mansion.

Well, I knew things weren’t looking good and let me tell you, that Erica, she was a goner all right. Count Yorga went out looking for them, and smacked…

L.T. Garvin

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