The Remote Work Controversy

The Winds of Change

L.T. Garvin


The pandemic changed many things for people, but one thing, in particular, was a shift to remote work. And employees liked it.

Flash forward to today and many corporations are asking…umm suggesting…okay no, more like demanding that employees return to the office. But why? Well because… it’s work, darn it, you ought to be here, hey it’s someplace to wear new clothes, management is lonely….

Back in the day, waaay back in the day (ahem) we used to have to get up, put on a suit (yeah, many times) even hosiery (eek, I know!) Then go into the office, sit in our cubicles, and work eight hours.

Today, young workers aren’t having it. They got a taste of working from home and that work-life balance that goes with it. And they like it! My twenty-something son is now considering a switch from his Wall Street job to a less notable firm because the head honcho has demanded that all employees work 40 hours per week in the office. And I don’t blame him.

Like it or not, and lots of the old folks don’t, the younger generation is claiming its due and setting the standards for work. They are seeing a difference from working at home:

- Increased productivity

- Enhanced creativity

- Gaining more focus

- Having less stress

- And….

- Tossing that darn, unproductive commute

Did I also mention gaining that work-life balance from working at home? So important!

Well, good for them. Personally, I am proud of these young workers for standing up to a lot of things in the process of this work revolution including equitable pay, corporate responsibility, etc. After all, you’ve got to stand for something.

Are there any downsides to working from home?

Well, a few negatives have been pointed out including having an overly sedentary lifestyles, less socialization activities, and even losing that small bit of planning time that people manage while listening to music on their commute.

By all means, these issues can be solved if you make allowances.

- Too much sitting — get a pedal or slide exerciser for under the desk

- Take mandatory time away from screens, go outside and relax or walk a few minutes

- Participate in Zoom meeting with colleagues and friends

Seriously, I don’t think there is any going back to the olden days of work, and I think that’s a good thing.

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L.T. Garvin

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