Selena, Selena

A star rises and sets

L.T. Garvin
1 min readApr 21


Aye, the strains of a Techno-Cumbia beat bounce across South Texas

A lively specter emerges

En una luz brillante

Como La Flor!

Memories of Selena

She is there dancing, dressed in fiery red,

The music flows through her

Bidi, Bidi, Bidi, Bom Bom!

Young, effusive, her star so bright!

Her tragedy exploded

like a bomb against a brick wall

Through the Chihuahuan desert

Across crystal waves of the blue Gulf

Selena immortal, fan-loved, fan-lost

Amor Prohibido

Pounding footprints

little girls chasing after a bus

Down a dusty path

“S.E.L.E.N.A….. S.E.L.E.N.A.!”

Why has she left us?

The world has spun on its surly path

Turning, turning…

From the day time stopped in Corpus Christi

And a profusion of ambulances answered a call

The blood-red pool, unstoppable

Her life splaying in front of her

Guardian angels clamoring askew

“Dreaming, Dreaming of You….”


I saw her the other day

On a t-shirt

Forever young and fiery

The world goes on

A star reaches its zenith

On a moonlit Texas night

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash



L.T. Garvin

Lana Broussard writing as L.T. Garvin , Author -English Teacher - ESL Tutor — Writes Fiction, Poetry, and Various Articles on the Quandries of Life.